lacertae-dreamscape asked:

glad to meet you too ;3; (also im sorry there's mean people reblogging your art =_= the last blacksand art is fantastic tho, those legs and lingerie are killing)


The point is I didn’t do anything wrong. Negative comments like that say more about the person than it does about me. I’m also glad that you liked my latest work. It’s a rushed version of the work I lost after I lost power and forgot to save ir. I learned that the hard way.

It’s always nice to meet a new friendly face. Don’t be shy about messaging me.

lithefider asked:

Just wanted to tell you I love your art! Also wow TF2 as well, all my fandoms! I am especially loving your works for Quicksand week atm of course, you do both of them very well (and by well I mean UNF). I like seeing Sandy drawn small as he really is - cute, plump little man, heheh. Rock on!

Ohoho yes! I used to draw a lot of tf2! <3 It was only recently that I got into the RoTG/ GoC fandom.

Oh, I’m glad you like the way I draw Pitch and Sandy in my style. They’re really fun to draw because their body types are so different from each other, and don’t get me started with the colors. They look so wonderful together. @_@

Me too. I love how small and plump Sandy is. <3

I love your cosplays by the way, they’re wonderful.